firmly believ’d (800px).jpg

more firmly believ’d

selenium toned silver gelatin print
8x10" firmly believ’d-detail 2 (800px).jpg

(detail) more firmly believ’d firmly believ’d-detail (800px) .jpg

(detail) more firmly believ’d

"avant guaRd"

screen print on canvas tote,
edition of 50

with Ella Wearing, Maximiliano Ferro, and Sarah Mattes


unrealized proposal for banner at
mason gross school of art

banner proposal, mason gross school of art (unrealized)

Lee's on Rt.1 in Edison
5x7" pigment inkjet print on glossy paper seaman st.jpg

"Billy from Seaman St."

Billy & Lee (with Patrick Strzelec and Senya Watya)


Selenium toned Van Dyke gelatin print
mounted to board, in artist’s frame
frame: 10 5/8 x 12 5/8 x 1 6/8”
image: 11 x 9”, 2015 (800px).jpg

"all my work deals with exclusion (cold, clean temple of mahogany and brass)"

Selenium toned Silver Gelatin Print in artist’s frame
2014, 2014-2.jpg, 2014-3.jpg