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22 x 30 3/4"
cyanotype on paper from engraved glass negative

Brassaï: In the lower strata of the valley of Les Eyzies, excavation archaeologists had the brilliant idea of preserving a cross-section
four to five meters high, with layers built up over millennia. It’s like a mille-feuille. In every layer, the “tenants” left their visiting cards:
fragments of bone, teeth, flints. In a single glance, you can take in thousands of years of history. It’s very moving.

Picasso: And you know what’s responsible? It’s dust! The earth doesn’t have a housekeeper to do the dusting. And the dust that falls
on it every day remains there. Everything that’s come down to us from the past has been conserved by dust.

(Brassai - Conversations With Picasso)

If historians are to attempt to write the history of mankind and not simply the history of mankind as it was viewed by the small
and specialized segments of the race which have had the habit of scribbling, they must take a fresh view of the records.

(Lynn White Jr. - Medieval Technology and Social Change)

Anything that looks like an idea is probably just something that has accumulated, like dust.

(Lee Friedlander, in conversation)